Our Menu

Patrick Roberts

Head Chef
I enjoy trying to push the boundary of a concept by manipulating the menu to achieve something that is at the same time unique and familiar. Working at the Arena, I am given that opportunity.Here's what he has to say:
"There should always be a difference between something flavourful and something memorable. I try to create food that is memorable by involving as many senses as I can. I want a guest to smell the earthiness of a mushroom before they take the first bite. If it's done right, if all the components play off each other in just the right way...then it just might become something memorable. It won't matter if what they've eaten if it's a filet mingnon or a well orchestrated turkey sandwich. Whether or not a guest is sitting in a plush ornate chair at a posh fine dining restaurant or cheering for their team at a local sports bar, they deserve to eat well."